About Us

About Us

EL-ETEHAD was founded in 1994 by an experienced team in order to provide high quality services in the fields of corrosion, metal surface treatment, concrete admixture and additives for Ammonium Nitrate explosive grade.


Managing director with over 40 years of experience in the chemical industries companies (founder & partner) BSC. In applied chemistry since 1962.


Companies founder in charge of commercial & finance aspects.
Partner, marketing manager, Ph.D., Ms.C. in chemical technology & Bs.C in geochemistry, 30 years of experience in the R & D of Coke and Chemicals Company.




The company has several exclusive agreements with leading companies in Egypt, which produce products that are approved by international standards and supported by international companies in providing solutions based on import, which can be perceived from the structure of the company and its partners, the company takes upon itself only projects in areas of specialization and has built a leading professional reputation in this sector.